PTEC hosts open house


Krys Shahin

Michael Kean explains to student Chisom Iwunze about the PTEC classes during the PTEC Open House, Dec. 10.

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

The Process Technology (PTEC) program at Los Medanos College held an open house to introduce students to the career Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Those who were interested in learning about different tools and equipment that process technology workers deal with, including safety.

Krys Shahin
A heat exchanger circulation trainer was shown off to students and working adults who wished to see how some equipment worked at the PTEC Open House.

“Our industry expects students to be well prepared and have knowledge of safety and respect of the environment,” said PTEC professor Michael Kean. “Safety is at the core of everything we do.”

Many students from all around campus stopped by at the showing to see what was going on and why so many things were set up in the hallway in the College Complex Level Three. 

“We wanted exposure and to let students on campus and working adults in the community to know we’re here,” said Kean.

Kean, Jim Martin alongside counselor Camille Santana held the event to promote the program and increase enrollment.

Krys Shahin
Michael Kean shows student Kayla Martinez a distillation training tower at the PTEC Open House.

“The difference between a graduate with a degree and some dude off the street is that you’ve been exposed to all this equipment around you,” said Kean. “Our students get jobs at local chemical plants, oil refineries, food processing plants, electrical utilities like power plants, municipal water utilities like drinking water, and pharmaceutical processing.”

Krys Shahin
One of the many layers to the water distillation trainer that was shown off at the event.

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Krys Shahin
Councelor Camille Santana talks to student Mikael Bradshaw about how to enroll in PTEC courses for the upcoming semester.