Indigenous Day event builds community


Charles Reed

Karen Mcbride informs a student about resources.

Charles Reed, Staff Writer

The Indigenous Day event in the Los Medanos College Indoor Quad was a success. The event took place on Tuesday Oct. 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and featured various booths with food and free information. The event turnout was high, as students came looking for insightful information from those that ran the event. Along with food and information, there was great music and socialization between students involved or passing by the festivities.

Various clubs set up booths to raise awareness for undocumented students and various resources available for them. These tables also offered services such legal advice regarding immigration, wellness program (on campus counseling) information and a representative from Contra Costa Public Defender’s office.

Sean Kearns, a representative of Eleventh District Assembly member Jim Frazier, spoke out for services such as internships. Kearns was also facilitating communication with some organizations such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Consumer Affairs and Cal Vet for certain Veteran Affairs.

“I want to thank Los Medanos College for providing this platform, this is a great opportunity for students who are undocumented, and advocates for students that are undocumented,” said Kearns.

One of the organizers, Mahlieli Bothi, the Administrative Assistant for the Equality Office had very positive feedback in regards to this event. Bothi points out some of the advantages and services we offer at LMC, such as raising awareness for the various cultures enrolled in courses at LMC.

Bothi said that he believes “building a community for LMC is important to gain support within our community as a whole.”

Representative Karen Mcbride for Stand Together CoCo (Contra Costa)/ Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) gave very positive praise to the event and its coordinators as well.

“Adriana Nieto-Morales and myself were at today’s event on behalf of Stand Together CoCo (Contra Costa)/ Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) to talk to students about our free immigration rapid response 24hr hotline. This hotline is for immigrant individuals and families that have immigration questions and need to be connected to legal counsel or they or someone they know had interaction with ICE and need legal representation,” said Mcbride. “Our hope was two things; to educate the students about the many free immigration resources available not only to them, but their friends and family, and to invite them to join our Local Leadership Council (LLC), giving the students the opportunity to help put community events together in East County for the immigrant community. We succeeded in both, having many students sign up for more information.”

Furthermore, Mcbride pointed out the response her table got after the event; “Though the turnout was a bit slow, we had many students; immigrant and non-immigrant alike- excited about these services, as well as being offered the opportunity to be part of a wonderful and exciting local events that will benefit many immigrants in Contra Costa County.”

The event brought many students and faculty members Nathaly Borges [a student] said, “I heard of it [this event] through student life,” and added, “[this event is] bringing diversity and culture to LMC.”

Another student Giovanni Rospigliosi having heard about the event from his classmates said, “I appreciate the items from Peru and the horchata, because of my Mexican and Peruvian family origins.”