Pizza with a cop returns

Event in support of Active Shooter Awareness Week


Marc Lopez

(Left) Officer Jose Oliveira and Officer David Oleski attend Pizza With a Cop.

Dante Harrold, @DanteHerald

Student life and Police Services together held the eventPizza with a Cop Tuesday, April 9. During the event, the campus officers served free pizza to students while giving tips on how to remain safe on and off campus and how campus security was a resource to them.

Some students may find Pizza with a Cop similar to the event featured last semester which was called Coffee with a Cop. Both of these events each take turns in debuting on campus. Coffee with a Cop shows up during the Fall Semester, while Pizza with a Cop shows up during the Spring Semester.

The goal of the event was to make students have faith in the campus safety system.

“The main purpose of  [Pizza with a cop] is to…engage the campus students, faculty, staff with police safety,” said Teresea Archaga, director of Student Life.

The scheduling of the event was to help support and promote Active Shooter Awareness Week, a week dedicated to informing the public on how to respond when confronted by an active shooter.

“People are already in that mindset to ask questions,” said Officer Michael Hotton, explained about coordinating the two events. “[We] want to see the police to get direct questions.”  

The training strategy the police advocated for people when trying to survive an action was to run, hide and fight.

“Basically you hide, if you can’t run and then you fight for your life if you’re confronted with an active shooter,” said Hotton.

The event seemed to be a success with a bunch of people clamoring around not only to get free, Costco Pizza, but also to ask the police aids and officers questions about how to be safe.

The organizers for the event were pleased with the amount of attention it got. 

“We were very happy with the outcome of the event,” said Archaga.