EOPS Priority Registration Event


EOPS will be hosting a priority registration event on campus Nov. 19 and Nov. 20th. The event is to encourage students who are foster youth, veterans and Calworks students take advantage of their priority registration for classes.

“There will be food, decorations all around campus, counselors and computer labs open for registration,” said Assistant EOPS director Steven Freeman.

Students who have this privilege tend to forget they have it, so EOPS plans on decorating the entire campus and parking lots with signs and balloons alerting students about priority registration.

“Students get busy and forget about calls and emails, so as soon as they step on campus we want them to see that it’s time to register,” said Freeman.

Statewide only 69 percent of of students are making use of priority registration, a downfall of this forgetfulness. For now the problem is minor, but long term disuse of priority registration could lead to repercussions.

“We would like that number to be 100 percent — long term is the state sees 30-40 percent of students aren’t using it, who knows what the state might do,” Freeman said.

It is important for EOPS students to recognize this opportunity as the privilege it is says Freeman. Students who don’t take part in this opportunity lose the advantage of having first picks for classes and professors they may prefer.

“If there are nine people in line at a grocery store and you’re first in line, would you let all nine people go ahead of you?” asked Freeman

For computer science students like Lucas McNair, priority registration is a privilege he never passes up.

“I don’t see a downside to using it,” said McNair. “It’s probably one of the best things to have as a student.”

Having this priority has even saved McNair from making a mistake while registering classes that could have landed him in the wrong class. He’s even been able to get into classes that would otherwise be full later on.

“I made a mistake last semester and had to make a quick change on the last day,” McNair said.

McNair’s felt fortunate to have this opportunity to improve his chances of staying on track with his major.

EOPS is currently accepting applications. They are looking to bring in 200 more students come next semester. If you have priority registration, or if you are unsure when your date is to register please visit the EOPS office in the Student Services building or call (925) 473-7480.