Kaiser health fair drives LMC up the wall

Alvin Jackson, @AlTheJournalist

LMC holds a free health fair in the outdoor quad every fall semester. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, the goal of the health fair is to bring healthcare awareness to the surrounding communities. Daniel Mejia, health fair coordinator, is happy to be apart of the process that creates healthy communities.

“I am happy to bring free health checkups to LMC,” said Mejia.

The health fair goes to local community colleges and promote the services at Kaiser to let the community know they are there and available.

“We have representatives from mental and sexual health facilities..we have lots of areas covered,” said Mejia.

This is the thirteenth year Kaiser has held the event here at LMC and Kaiser has not intention to stop now. Licensed clinicians come here on their time to volunteer to give students the information they need. Mejia hopes students “utilize the free health assessments” and get answers to their health questions while at the fair.

Over the span of thirteen years, Kaiser has helped many students get health assessments regardless of their condition. Studies show that younger people, college students in particular, are the healthiest demographic among us. This fair holds true to that study and helps younger generations stay update on their health, especially for those living in Eastern Contra Costa County.

Joella Oribello, Associate of Public Affairs Representative, is proud to be at the event to help students get the necessary information they need to maintain their health. Her favorite part about the health fair is her personal involvement in our community.

“I get to bring health information to the community for free,” Oribello said.

Her participation in the event stems form her values around community health and her determination to prevent bad health outcomes for students at LMC. To keep communities healthy, Kaiser has a community benefits and relations program.

“We give out grants and sponsor community health organizations that provide communities in need with proper health screenings,” Oribello said.

Other than the Health fair, Kaiser’s sponsorship with LMC provides the school with much needed money that helps student success rates rise.

“We sponsor LMC with five thousand dollars yearly,” she added.

Director of Student Life, Teresea Archaga, says the feedback from students prove that the partnership has been a success.

“We get positive feedback every year,” Archaga said.

Incentives such as rock climbing and raffles bring students to the health fair. The health fair happens on campus yearly and gives out beneficial information to the students.

“It’s just good to get an overall health check up,” Archaga said.

Students can expect the health fair every fall semester.