Constitution Day spreads awareness

Leticia Robles, Staff Writer

Los Medanos College hosted a Constitution Day event in light of the national holiday Monday, Sept. 17 in the indoor quad.

“The purpose is to help students learn more about [the Constitution] while making it fun for them,” LMC Financial Aid Coordinator Eva Monteverde explained as she worked the booth.

Sept. 17 is the day the delegates signed the historical document in Philadelphia in 1787.

Eva Monteverde and Student Life Director Teresa Archaga both hosted Constitution Day as part of the financial aid booth in the indoor quad. The booth was outside the cafeteria and had a spinning wheel that students could spin and whatever topic it landed on, students were asked a question about the Constitution according to the general topic.

Fun prizes were awarded to students who participated, getting the questions right or wrong. Students were given a Constitution booklet and had a choice of the American flag, a Snickers bar or a Rice Krispies Treat.

“It is a fun event we do every year to get students to refresh their memory, and it’s fun to see what students know and don’t know and what answers they come up with,” Archaga said.

Student Jessica Anderson was particularly patriotic about the document.

“The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is the best written document. Everyone should read it so that the government doesn’t take our rights from it,” Anderson said.

A lot of passing students participated in the game, and for some it was an eye opener of how little they knew about the Constitution.

“I don’t know anything about the Constitution. I try to get an idea but anything about politics has me with my tail between my legs,” Student Jenna Leal explains. “I am from Guam and we don’t even vote. My family out there and all of the citizens don’t even care about who is in charge of our country. Anyone can come in and take over, we don’t do anything to speak up, even though we really should.”

Student Hasaun Warren was asked what an amendment was, and answered correctly that it is a change to the constitution.

“I think that certain amendments are spoken about more than others. There needs to be more awareness on all of our rights,” Warren said.