A galloping time for LMC


Hillary Hetrick, @HillaryMHetrick

Los Medanos College started the Fall 2018 semester with many fun events for the students and faculty. One of these events was on Tuesday, Aug. 28 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mustang Day, held in the Outdoor quad, provided a welcoming atmosphere where anyone on campus could get a glimpse of student life at LMC outside of their scheduled classes. Currently, LMC offers over 30 clubs to choose from.

Faculty were handing out free hotdogs and pizza, along with water and various snacks. Los Medanos College President Bob Kratochvil was among the faculty volunteers. He said, “Free food equals happy students. It’s a good way to welcome back students.”

3 Mustang Days took place during the first week of the Fall Semester. Student Life (Advisor) Teresea Archaga says that during Tuesday’s event, “500 hot dogs and 22 pizzas were bought and are all gone.” At Monday’s event, “Over 100 notebooks, pencils, pens and highlighters were handed out.”

The Brentwood campus had their Welcome Back event Wednesday. School supplies were given away there as well. In reference to the school supplies handed out at the Brentwood campus, Archaga exclaimed, “we came back empty-handed.”

During Thursday’s Mustang Day event from 5-7 p.m., students were given free ice cream.

In reference to Tuesday’s Mustang Day event at LMC, it had a good turnout. Several clubs were present with an array of brochures, fliers, sign-up sheets, snacks and club representatives.

Some of the clubs and programs present were LMCAS, LMC Shenanigans, Allies, Young Americans for Freedom, Student Life, DSPS,  and The Center of Academic Support.

Librarian Kim Wentworth was there to let students know what resources the library has to offer. Students can go to the library to get help on research papers, obtain scholarly resources, check out books, use computers and reserve group study rooms.

Student Life member Jaime Orozco informed students of services that Student Life has available for students. “Not a lot of students know we have a microwave and we offer printing up to 5 pages free. Come see us.” He also urged people to “follow us on Instagram to find events.”

Two community organizations, HealthRight 360 and Community Works were advocating for outreach programs. These include programs that help homeless youth aged 18 to 25 and programs for parolees under a re-entry citizen program.

Two universities, University of the Pacific and Arizona State University, gave out information about their degree programs. Representatives were available to answer any questions students had about attending their colleges.

Fred Martinez, a visiting vendor was selling posters and jewelry He offered his gratitude and compliments to Los Medanos College President Bob Kratochvil. “Your president [Kratochvil] is the best president of all the college presidents in Northern California.” Martinez was amazed to meet a person who generously provided hotdogs and pizza to his students.

If anyone is interested in having a table at any future Mustang Day or student life events, stop by the Student Life Office. Mustang Day is usually held during the first week of each semester. Check your student email often to stay informed about events at LMC.