Students stage a suspicious show


Alex Camilli,

The Los Medanos College Drama Department is bringing the play “Torn Pages” to the Little Theater beginning Thursday, April 26.

“Torn Pages” is an ominous blend of mystery and crime containing adult themes and directed by Drama Instructor Nick Garcia. There is no target audience or age restriction, but the scenarios explored throughout the play may have the storyline take a grim turn. 

Accepting how instances in history set around socially built presumptions, will make the allegory within the play shine through to reach audience member without feeling like the idea being conveyed is forced. The disconnect that time causes to issues that are still prevalent, combined with how it is introduced, can breed a discussion the audience can appreciate as part of the artistic direction as a whole.  

The script has gone through minor reiterations from the original conception and through multiple rehearsals. The cast is confident the finished product will reflect their hard work.

“This kind of feels like our last hoorah together because most of us are transferring at the end of the semester,” said actor Jimmy Darling.

Actor, Teryn Macallan, will star in “Torn Pages”. Macallan described the production experience as “democratic,” because his contemporaries all had great ideas but had to vote on what would be right for the play as a whole.

On the day the theme was developed, decisions had to be made split second that best suited the noire themed play, which created necessary tension to ensure the concept is well constructed. 

“After that day we had a very strict and rigid concept on we needed to achieve,” said Macallan. 

Both Garcia and Instructor Jack Nicolaus have overseen the production and were both motivated to ensure the many dynamics in the play are implemented to strengthen the plot and performance. 

Character design is essential to building a compelling drama, but actress Anna Pintzer, feels that establishing the orientation of a specific character can create necessary conflict.  

“I think that stereotype versus diversity, plays a big part just because we have characters of different sexual orientations or different race and different backgrounds,” said Pintzer. 

“Torn Pages” will be showing April 26-28 and May 2-5. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 with student I.D., $10 with a high school I.D. and $7 for the May 2 matinee viewing.