LMC gallery displays local artists’ work

Kimberly Stelly, twitter.com/kstelly1994

Members of Brentwood’s Art Guild of the Delta showed off their talents at the Los Medanos College Art Gallery reception held Thursday, March 8.

One of the people who came to look at the many pieces displayed in the gallery was none other than MESA Director Nicole Trager. Having been to several art shows in the past, she came out to support local artists.

“Art makes us think and also makes things more beautiful,” she said. Trager also expressed she had a hard time pinpointing a single piece in the gallery that was her favorite, because they were all so well-made.

Artist Mary Lamb had a few pieces, some of which were for sale and others that were not, displayed in the gallery one of which sold for $125. She isn’t keeping the money however. Lamb said she plans to donate the money to the LMC Foundation so that Art Professor Judi Petite can purchase more art supplies.

“As a member of the Art Guild and one of the founders, we’re really pleased to work with the LMC gallery too,” said Lamb. “It’s just a nice partnership with our organization and the young artists that are coming out of LMC.”

Another artist Hillary Scott had a collage hanging up in the gallery entitled “Peculiar Children.” The mixed media piece showcased some of her musical and artistic interests including quotes from books, popular bands and handwritten words scrawled across the piece. Scott said the piece was born out of a dark time in her life when she was anxious and depressed.

Scott has also displayed work in the previous LMC student art show earlier this semester. In addition to being an artist of many mediums, she is also currently interning for the Delta Art Guild.

Other artists exhibiting their work include Pamela Tabel, Sherry Cummings, Beverly Turner and Doug Ota. Their work was displayed prominently in the front part of the gallery.

Though the reception has already taken place, these pieces will be on display through Thursday, April 5.

The LMC Art Gallery is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., and again from 4 to 6 p.m.