Financial aid brings awareness

Brenna Enos, [email protected]

Financial aid assistance and prizes were offered to Los Medanos College students via a pop-up tent in the outdoor quad Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 11 a.m. go 2 p.m. 

In conjunction with Financial Aid Awareness Day, this event, with the help from Financial Aid Office worker Penelope Murphy, helped students learn how to apply for free college money.

They have been “instructing them and guiding them on what they need to do and where they need to go,” explained Murphy, adding that students have had many questions and through visiting the event, they have been able to get answers. 

Students were also informed on what they needed to fill out in order to obtain financial aid as well. 

Those that came the event with their completed FAFSA or Dream Act applications were also able to put their name into a raffle ticket drawing. Prizes in this raffle included $50 gift cards to Target, MOD Pizza and Panera Bread, and the grand prize of an iPad. The winners of the prizes will be announced on Friday, March 2.

Aside from the financial help and raffle, a brightly colored pinwheel at the table also drew in some crowds. By spinning the wheel and answering questions such as “Can you use the Pell Grant to buy books?” or “Do you have to pay to apply for FAFSA?” students could also win small prizes such as wristbands or candy. 

Running the pinwheel at the tent, Andrew Gonzalez has worked for the LMC Financial Aid Office since the fall of 2016 and has participated in other Financial Aid events such as Transfer Day.

“It’s been good so far,” said Gonzalez on his experience in the Financial Aid Office. “People are really friendly and it seems like a family.”

For those who did not attend the event and are interested in learning about financial aid or need assistance with their financial aid applications, help is available in the Financial Aid Center at LMC. The priority-filing deadline for the FAFSA and CA Dream Act applications is Friday, March 2.