Clubs go on display

LMC students got acquainted with  representatives of various clubs on campus Jan. 23. The expansive Club Day event was held in the quad during Welcome Week to show students the resources and activities available to them throughout the semester. 

Student Life and a diverse collection of clubs came out to remind students that they have many options if they’re seeking a sanctuary of friendly faces and common interests.  

Welcome Week started more than 10 years ago and Director of Student Life, Teresa Archaga, said it has proven effective in encouraging more students to participate in extracurricular activities. 

Freshman Melissa Romo, who attended the event, said it is good to let students know about campus groups, because people don’t often go out of their way to engage in activities or to find out about joining a club. The objective is to share experiences in a common interest and see it as a learning opportunity.  

“In addition to finding friends with common interests, clubs impact academic success as well,” said Student Life Coordinator John Nguyen.  

The positive impact that clubs have on students is what motivates the Inter-Club Council  to ensure clubs have the support they need. There are currently 23 active clubs that are funded by ICC and abide by their guidelines. 

To join a club students should sign up with their name and email and will subsequently be added to an email list for club information. Students can also go to the club’s regularly scheduled meetings for more information.  

 “We use it as an opportunity for clubs who may have lost members due to transfer or change in officer,” Archaga also said. 

The Art Club, an example of this, currently has 20 members and encourages anyone interested in art and creativity to join.  

“Our goal is to accept all art,” said member Marisa Bebeau. 

For example, the Art Club does not require joining members to have a specific expertise and accepts all mediums of artistic expression. In the future, Art Club will have creative workshops and meetings so students are able to hone in on their skills no matter where they begin. 

Regular meetings are held in CC3-336 during the weekdays from 1:30 to 5 p.m. 

The Anime Club, which has recently been reactivated, reviews films and introduces students to the Japanese language and culture. Club Treasurer Katherine Lemmer explained they have “Words of the Day” and “Manga Exchanges” which spread the culture of Japan where the art form originated. 

They do not currently have scheduled meetings posted, but usually meet in rooms CC2-221 and CC2-222. 

If students have difficulty finding a club that sparks their interest, they may also grab some friends and create their own. 

To create a new club, all members must abide by the rules and attend the meetings that the ICC arranges.