Art show is a treat


A.R Broom, [email protected]

Los Medanos Student Art Show opened for viewing Tuesday, Jan. 30, but if you have yet to see the show you’re in luck. It will be open until Tuesday, Feb. 27. The show itself is free, but you will need a valid parking permit to attend.

The gallery is located in the library building and the art show hours are the same as normal gallery hours. It will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30-2:30 p.m. and again from 4-6 p.m.

According to gallery Director Judi Pettite, students had a year starting from Dec. 2016 to Dec. 2017 to produce art for the show.

“There are supplies and gift certificates available to students and the Art Guild of the Delta is offering $1500 in cash awards,” said Pettite.

The students’ art will be placed into nine categories but the Art Guild of the Delta will be awarding based upon four separate categories.

Ashley Martinez created a bust of a woman’s figure for a class and decided to enter it in the show.

“I’m really proud of the glazes, the different colors and the drips down the back,” said Martinez.

The piece took approximately two weeks to construct and Martinez said the inspiration came from fellow artist, Craig Booth.

Martinez was not the only student artist who created a sculpture, however. Sam Halladay made a sculpture of his own head, with a surprise twist.

“I decided to make it into a cookie jar, because that sounds like much more fun to have something around the house I could use, rather than have something that sits around their house that never gets used,” said Halladay.

The sculpture known as “Sweets On the Mind” which has a cutout on the back of the head for cookies, took Halladay three weeks to create.

“I think it’s kinda funny to do something of yourself. You can make fun of yourself and have it be self-deprecating,” said Halladay adding, “If you mess up on someone else’s face you know, it’s kind of an insult, but if you mess up on your own face you’re like ‘It’s ugly ‘cause I’m ugly,’ or ‘It’s good looking, ‘cause I’m good looking.’”

Halladay said the sculpture is an effective cookie container, as everyone in his family is too creeped out to touch it.

Patricia Granados entered two pieces into the student art show. The first, a space alien inspired Google Doodle and the second piece was composed using a variety of images and other art to show her transition from military service to motherhood.

The show’s award ceremony will be held at the LMC Art Gallery, on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 4-6 p.m.