Researcher speaks for MESA

UC Davis discusses education


Kimberly Stelly

Kelly Subramanian lectures MESA students about her research and educational history.

UC Davis Researcher Kelly Subramanian came to Los Medanos College to speak to a group of Math Engineering Science Achievement students about the composition of cells, with a focus on the mitochondria. The event, hosted by LMC’s MESA Department Friday, Sept. 8 in room SC-202 was filled to the brim with students inquiring about Subramanian’s work.

She started, however, with giving background information about her own education. She first attended the College of William and Mary, a public research institution where she discovered her love for biology. When she entered UC Davis however, she found her focus – though that wasn’t the only good thing that came of her attending the school.

Subramanian said a few of the benefits of entering the Master’s program at UC Davis are the health insurance and monthly stipend. She also heavily recommended students try and find schools that assist the students with payment.

“If you’re interested in a Master’s program, see if you have to pay for it, or if they can help pay for you,” Subramanian said to the assembled students.

MESA Director Nicole Trager asked Subramian, “What brought you to UC Davis?”

Subraminian replied that big part of it was how welcoming the UC staff and faculty is. She said she also visited before making a decision. “They fly you out to see if the program is the right fit for you.”

After taking more questions from the audience, she said she’d readily make herself available to speak to anyone who’s interested in specifically attending UC Davis.

She acknowledged that getting into schools like this can be competitive, though she isn’t sure what made her stand out exactly. She said though she had little experience as an undergraduate, she put her heart into working with the people around her.

Regardless of what school you end up at, Subramanian advised students pick a school that feels right. “It’s really what best suits your needs and what you want.”

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