HelpHub helps students help others

 Students looking for extra tutoring support and tutors looking to make some extra cash may wish to check out the online platform HelpHub.

Students and tutors can create an account on the HelpHub website to connect to a peer-to-peer network which boasts students at over 1,500 schools across North America and over 12,000 tutors in over 65 countries. HelpHub users can communicate via instant message, video chat, and even by phone.

HelpHub’s approach to tutoring compensation is an open marketplace system where tutors are able to set their hourly rates or negotiate prices with prospective students. A visit to the website’s tutors’ page lists numerous tutors with rates anywhere between $20 and $60 an hour each with a profile including work experience, qualifications, and user ratings.

Students are also able to post questions about the subjects in which they require assistance that can be anything from short clarifications to more extensive sessions. The benefit is that students can set any budget they wish to pay and wait for tutors to respond before choosing a tutor. Students and tutors communicate through HelpHub at all times and pay

ment is also handled through the platform.

Los Medanos College offers tutoring support in many subjects on campus but HelpHub provides another option for students who are unable to take advantage of the school offered tutoring sessions for whatever reason or for those who desire extra help on their own terms.

Qualified tutors may also find the platform to be a useful source of additional income. Pay is calculated as the tutor’s rate multiplied by the time spent tutoring less a 15 percent commission to HelpHub and a two percent fee to PayPal.

HelpHub’s claim of satisfaction is that virtually all academic subjects are tutored and nine out of ten students would recommend their tutors to friends.