‘Boeing’ set to take off

The Los Medanos College Drama Department is bringing the show “Boeing Boeing” to the LMC community at the California Theatre in downtown Pittsburg beginning Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.
Drama Department chair Nick Garcia will be directing the comedic play written by Marc Camoletti. This semester’s shows have all, with the exception of one, been comedic shows.
According to the cast, they felt that it was important to choose a play like “Boeing Boeing” that would provide some humor to the community in light of recent events.
“Boeing Boeing” follows the story of a 1960s playboy, Bernard, who finds himself in trouble when his American friend Robert and his three airline hostess fiancées all end up in town at the same time.
“I feel like me and my character are one and the same. She’s a romantic, but she’s also a realist,” said LMC student Yazmyn Rahimi, who plays Bernard’s Italian fiancée Gabriella.
While most of the cast felt they were easily able to relate to their characters Katie Garcia, who plays Gretchen, expressed her initial struggles to connect to a character who was so unlike herself. “I’m not as passionate as Gretchen is,” said Garcia.
“She’s one of the hardest characters I’ve ever had to portray because of the fact that we don’t relate.”
LMC student Austin Trenholm, who plays Robert, expressed excitement about the opportunity to take the show to the California Theatre.
“The show is a very big opportunity in my life. This is my second play … and it’s very scary,” Trenholm admitted.
Assistant Stage Manager Jayda Nunley echoed similar sentiments. “This is my first semester at LMC so of course being in this show with all these amazing people definitely put a really good taste in my mouth about the program,” said Nunley.
One warning Rahimi had for the audience was to listen carefully when the fiancées are speaking throughout the show as they have thick accents. “Boeing Boeing” opens on Dec. 7 and runs through Dec. 10 with 7 p.m. showings.
Tickets will be $12 for students or those with military ID, $15 for the general public and $10 for middle school and high school students with an ID. For additional information visit pittsburgcaliforniatheatre.com.