Textbook prices are ridiculous

Gianna Carpino

The top thing that irritates me about college is the price of textbooks. Why is it that about three textbooks cost almost or equal to the amount of college tuition for one semester?
Not only do we need them for only like five months, but also when we sell them back we don’t get nearly as much back in our wallets. That’s crazy!
For those of us college students that try to balance school and work too, most paychecks go directly to our college. Sometimes it’s not enough if you’re a full-time college student taking 15 credits a semester. I know some students at Los Medanos College are trying to work full-time and be a full-time student, and I really don’t understand how they do it.
I’m speaking for a lot of students, because I walked around the Pittsburg campus last week and asked a handful of random students what concerned them most about the school. When I finished, I really sat and thought about this issue and couldn’t help but agree.
Some students claimed they keep the textbooks for future purposes and/or personal reasons, so I didn’t include them, but for the most part students end up giving them back to the library.