Earth Day comes to campus

April 20 marked Earth Day at Los Medanos College, a global observance of environmental issues focused on ultimately building a healthy and sustainable planet. LMC celebrated Earth Day for the first time in two years thanks to efforts from the sustainability student club and committee who hosted the event.

Throughout the day the event featured activities and games as well as a guided tour of the Nature Preserve. Plants native to the area were also sold, while locally grown fruit was handed out to interested students.

“We want this day to spread awareness to students on campus about climate change and get them involved in making changes that can help the planet”, said Biology Instructor Briana McCarthy.

An electric car was on display while several tables were set up around the outside quad in order to spread information and demonstrate the local commitment to environmentalism. Local organizations were represented including the Ocean research foundation, PG&E, Mt. Diablo Audubon Society and the Mt. Diablo Beekeeper’s association.

As part of the Earth Day festivities, the following day featured guest speaker Vicky Vasquez on behalf of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Vasquez played a key role in a identifying a new species of shark known as the “Ninja Shark” and her speech focused on bringing more attention to lesser known sharks such as the one she helped name.

After the presentation the documentary “The Plastic Age” was shown. The film was a shocking reveal of how much plastic is polluting the world and was a call to arms for people to begin reducing their use of it. According to researchers in the film, plastic in the ocean is being found in more abundance than plankton.

“It was pretty moving, I feel like this issue is overlooked and it makes you realize the big corporations wont do anything unless money is involved”, said student Noah Tan.

The first Earth Day was in Held in 1970 and has since grown to be recognized by more than one billion people and over 141 countries.  Many groundbreaking laws have been implemented thanks to support from Earth Day and those who participate in it according to the Earth Day website.