Business Academy helps students

Many students may not know that the fourth floor of Los Medanos College’s CORE building exists, but for students interested in gaining a career in business, it’s home. The Business Academy or Career Academy has been around for the past seven years to help students focus on their education.
The Career Advancement Academy has worked with various fields for vocational training including wielding, child development and automotive. This past summer, they joined with the Emergency Medical Services program as well. This fall, they are focusing on business students once again.
The program is geared towards helping dedicated low-income students who are ready to get back into the field by earning a certificate in one semester. After the semester, students can choose to get a job or continue their education.
“It’s a cohort of students that build a relationship with one another, this helps them all stay on track and succeed,” said Administrative Assistant Melina Rodriquez.
The program accepts a limited amount of students each semester and partners with teachers and counselors on campus to ensure students face minimal obstacles.
“I take them all to the student services building, make sure that their financial aid is in place, their registration is fine and I make sure that they don’t have any issues, because it’s hard, especially as a student,” said Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is also a business major who is always excited to help students out so they can be successful.
“They have so many obstacles placed ahead of them in their everyday lives, we want to be sure that they have a smooth transition for school,” said Rodriguez.
Pushing students to success and helping them stay on track is the goal and the program pushes students to do more and help them focus.
“They gave me the impedance to come back to school full time,” said Business Major Richard Stanfield.
Being a former Business Academy student, he knows the importance that the business academy can have for students.
“It’s a wonderful program, you work as a team, you move as a team,” said Stanfield as he stressed the importance of teamwork amongst students. “In the business field teamwork is vital, they don’t just put you in a group and make you move as a team, they give you a chance to utilize team work effectively.”
Students who are interested in the Career Academy can go to the fourth floor of the college core in room 401, and talk to Melina Rodriquez or Program Manager, Workforce Development Projects Dave Wahl for more information.