AMSA recruits student body

The Los Medanos College American Medical Student Association held a tabling event last Friday in the indoor quad, selling items such as bracelets and paper lanterns.
“We’re raising funds for leukemia and lymphoma,” said AMSA President Cristina Esparza. “All of the money goes to the patients.”
There wasn’t a lot of people in the quad and other than a few students who stopped briefly in front of the table, there weren’t many people coming up to inquire about donating.
“Since it’s Friday, there hasn’t been much of a turn out but we made like 20 dollars,” said Esparza.
In addition to taking donations, the club was also attempting to sign students up for the “The Light the Night Walk” in Walnut Creek, held Nov. 7. Esparza explained there were other teams participating in the walk. There is no fee required to participate in this event.
According to a pamphlet, “every walker who raises 100 dollars or more will become a Champion for Cures” and will receive a t-shirt, free snacks and “an illuminated Light the Night lantern.”
If you want more information, contact a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society staff member at [email protected]. To register for the Light the Night event, visit
As for other AMSA events, there are two more tabling sessions scheduled. Esparza says one will be on a Friday while they’re hoping the third will be on a Tuesday. This past Monday, former MESA student and recent medical school graduate Saif Rehman, came and spoke to LMC students.
AMSA Vice President Azuka Atum says the club is open to medical students in any career from “nursing to EMT jobs.”
“If you’re interested in joining AMSA, come to our meetings on Mondays at 4 to 4:30 p.m., or you can talk to me, or the AMSA President Cristina Esparza for an application for joining AMSA,” said Atum.
Though AMSA meetings are normally held Mondays, the club is hoping to change their meeting days to Wednesday after getting their paperwork sorted out.
“After you turn in your application, we’ll give you a packet that contains information about different aspects of the club,” said Atum.
For more information, contact the Los Medanos chapter of AMSA at [email protected].