Preserving nature

Club is crafting new trail


Josh Wood

Student Delani Ryan clearing out needles to let plants grow.

A thrum of energy filled the air as the Los Medanos College Nature Club slowly chipped away at the wall of dirt near the Nature Preserve; a new path slowly being hewn into the hillside.

In two successive Saturdays, the LMC Nature Club set itself to beautifying the dirt hill behind the College Complex and crafting a new trail for students that wish to visit the Nature Preserve.

Saturday, Nov. 8, brought only four people to the work force, and yet with those people, the Nature Club cleared out the dead needles that had blocked foliage from growing beneath many of the trees, and laid the foundation for nearly a third of the trail.

The following Saturday brought a larger work force, allowing the club to finish the sweeping trail and plant many California native plants.

Mickey Rovere, outdoor biology lab assistant, functions as the bridge between the Nature Club and the Los Medanos College Nature Preserve, serving as an officer in the club.

“We’re a schoolyard habitat,” Rovere said, adding, “a lot of people don’t know we’re here.”

Nature Club president Joshua Kohl is certainly aware that the preserve is there, working closely with Rovere to coordinate projects.

“The club’s top goal is to promote the preservation of local ecosystems and the environment,” Kohl said, adding that the Nature Preserve is a great place to help out.

“I appreciate nature, really anything that involves life interconnecting,” said Kohl. Indeed, the nature club isn’t just about doing work in the environment. To Kohl, “it’s just really nice to get out and do something physical.” Other club activities include raising awareness for recycling and a future cleaning project on marsh creek and the delta.

The nature club meets in the Nature Preserve by Lot B every Wednesday at 3 p.m. For more information about the club, you can contact the president Joshua Kohl at [email protected].