Kinesiology moves

Dishan Jones

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Academic Affairs Division approved kinesiology as an option for an A.A. degree/transfer for LMC on March 12.

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human motion. Interested students will have an accessible distinct assessment of the courses required to transfer or obtain an AA degree from the college.

In a email interview with Physical Education Department Chair Colleen Ralston, who developed the transfer degree, “The curriculum meets the lower division general education requirements to transfer to the CSU system and prepares students with the skills necessary for entry level positions and national certifications in the heath/fitness industry which include jobs such as group fitness instructor, personal training, and lifestyle/weight management consultant.”

Kinesiology majors will have a range of valuable instruction to choose from, “The major will introduce students to the many areas of study including health and fitness, physical education, therapeutic/sport medicine, and coaching/sport instruction,” said Ralston

With this advancement in LMC curriculum, students will have another occupational avenue to explore in conjunction with the other significant areas of study that LMC offers. Kinesiology is for students interested in developing or improving health and wellness for themselves and others.

Kinesiology has its fans at the university level, and some LMC students have already been made aware of its addition to the curriculum and growing popularity.

“The Kinesiology degree is currently the seventh most popular degree earned by students attending the CSU system… this year is the first year we have offered the introduction to kinesiology, and without any advertising of the class, have enrolled 40 students per section offered. Next fall, we will offer a double section to accommodate the high student demand,” Ralston said.

As most LMC students comprehend the importance of early enrollment, interested students should consider enrolling as soon as possible and with the understanding that classes are filling fast.

“Students may enroll in the AA program immediately. They can contact me with any questions. I highly encourage students to take the PE 100 class and be exposed to the curriculum of the kinesiology major in their first year of attendance, as early in their college courses as possible,” said Ralston.

LMC students can contact Colleen Ralston at 439-2181 ext. 3336 or [email protected] if interested in this AA/transfer degree program or if there is any further inquiry on the details concerning the program.