New section caters to children of students

Jasmine Gordon

LMC’s library has become child-friendly. The library now has a book section and space specifically designed for children, donated by the LMC foundation; the LMC library has a special place for children.

Kim Wentworth, the Electronic Resource Librarian, explains how the children’s book section became possible.

“There was a request from students of the child development program,” Wentworth said. “This makes perfect sense, since parents would want their children to explore and discover new things about life.”

“The purpose of the section is for students who have kids,” Wentworth went on to say. “And child development students can use them for homework, and projects for the kids.” Angela  Fantuzzi is one of the child development instructors, and the one to thank for the children’s book section.

“It took a year before it was functioning and working,” Fantuzzi said. “Reading books has become a priority.”

With the library holding books appropriate for students of a college age level, there were no books specifically targeted towards young children.

“Most books weren’t appropriate for the children,” Fantuzzi said. “When I went, the titles were nice and appropriate.”

The young children’s selection of books at LMC will focus on those with colorful pictures and learning outcomes in both English and Spanish.

“We have board books, picture books, and all topics really,” Wentworth said. “Books about animals, biographies, and English/Spanish dual language.”

With the stress of school and work, LMC has made it more manageable for students with children.

“A lot of parents bring kids when they have homework,” Fanuzzi said.

At an early age Fanuzzi says that a sense of being apart of a community and the need to have a place to belong in a welcoming environment enters a child’s mind.

“We always do field trips so they could learn about LMC and the sense of community,” Fantuzzi said.

“I think we are a community, and for me its important to have kids feel the sense of welcome, its not a threatening place, it’s a welcoming place.”