Student organizations promote at Club Day


Chris Chard

Anali Ayala and Irma Galarza laugh during LMC’s Fall Club Day as they promote the Puente Club

Kellie McCown

The tunes of Charlie Ray Jepson, Sam Quinn, and Party Rock filled the outdoor quad of College Complex Wednesday as the annual Los Medanos College Fall Club Day got underway.

Eighteen clubs gathered together during the cold mid-morning to promote themselves, their cause, and their contributions to LMC and the community.

The American Medical Student Association is a new club on campus that has an international following in colleges and universities across the country. Aiming at pre-med, nursing, and dentistry majors, AMSA offers students who are entering the medical field support, while exposing them to what it is like working in the medical profession.

“I hope this brings more to the science department,” said AMSA Vice President Gary Fridland as he manned his table during Club Day. “One of our goals is to team up with other colleges and universities and work together. We’ve already gone to two medical conferences, and we hope to start doing volunteer work at local hospitals.”

Puente, one of LMC’s Veteran clubs, returned to the event to recruit new members. The club along with the program, addresses issues from academic achievement and community involvement among underrepresented students at LMC.
The Puente Program requires interested students to take the LMC Placement Test, placing into English 90 or higher. Applicants must also meet with both Puente instructors and a counselor, and complete a student profile.

Club Historian Anali Ayala said that when the spot for Puente Club Historian came up, she felt that she was the best person for the job.

“Puente needs to be known,” said Ayala enthusiastically as she stood by the Puente table giving out pink cookies in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “I felt I was the perfect person to record and take pictures for Puente.”
Being based on the Latin culture is what drew Irma Galarza to join Puente.

“I was interested in the Latin Culture said Galarza,” I wanted to know more about it. Back then I didn’t care about my culture. Now, I know about it and I care more.”

While new clubs came out for the first time, and old clubs continued to spread their message, some clubs came together.
Anime Unlimited and Role Playing Game Club merged together to give students at LMC the opportunity to escape from the pressures of academic life.

From Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, to more traditional Japanese pop culture and video games, these two clubs meet together every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6.

“We provide a way to relax,” said Noe Iniguez who’s a member of both clubs,” A way to get out of your everyday stressful academic life. I’m also a part of Puente and Mesa, but I also wanted to have some fun.”

For a complete list of current chartered clubs at LMC, students can go to