Pizza promotion for new LMC voters


Demetria Lawrence and Syed Rivzi pass out pizza to promote voter registration among LMC students.

Dexter Dunzweiler and Charels Powell

Los Medanos College Associated Students tried to slice out a better future by offering pizza to students who registered to vote for the upcoming November election. The event, held on Oct. 10, featured registration cards along with informational pamphlets about the propositions that will be on the ballot.

LMCAS hopes the voting drive will lead to positive changes for those who registered and the community at large.
“We just want to encourage students who have not registered to vote to do so,” said LMCAS President Jairo Vazquez, “along with increasing awareness about what is on the ballots, how the propositions and measures benefit them or make them suffer.”

The quad was brought to life with music — one selection was Jackson Five’s one-time-chart-topper “ABC” while students gathered around talking about the election.

LMCAS Senator Debora Van – Eckhardt believed the event made it easier for non-registered students to take part in the upcoming election, which is a great thing to her.

Many students who were already registered came up to the booth, but were not able to get a slice unless they brought a friend who wasn’t registered.

To LMCAS Treasurer Syed Rizvi the event was a success. “I feel it went well] we got lots of new voters registered, about 40 or so,” said Rizvi, “along with informing them about prop 30 and just trying to bring out political awareness.”
The food proved to be an effective draw for some.

“Pizza helps people come together as one”, said Kevin Almazan, “this really motivated me to vote, go Romney!”
Other students recognized the cause first.

The event provided both information and lunch for students. “It’s important for people who need to register to vote”, said LMC student Theophany Williams, “It’s cool I got free pizza, people are hungry and thirsty”.

The drive also served to create more informed voters for Election Day Nov. 6. “I’m glad the school is trying really hard to get students involved, said LMC student Tanner Johnson, “especially with Prop 30 in question.”

Although the pizza was not the focus of the event it proved to be a crowd-pleasing bonus transfer applicants.
Applications for the TAP conference are due on Oct 26. Cost is $50, which covers airfare and ground transportation, the conference is open to all LMC students. Students are encouraged to contact either Jeannine Stein [email protected] or call the Honors Center at 439-2181 ext. 3172.for the registration drive.

“It gives people a good incentive to vote, said LMC student Vince Gonzales, “especially those who cannot afford lunch.” LMC student Joseph Jewett summed up his beliefs in a way that points toward the future. “I feel it’s good we’re getting the young generation involved — because everyone’s vote matters,” Jewett.

LMCAS will hold another Pizza Day at the end of the month to remind students to go out and vote.