LMC heads to UCLA

Kellie McCown

The University of California Los Angeles is known for prestige and excellence. For the fall of 2012, 72,000 freshmen applications were submitted, with only 17.7 percent of those students accepted. The transfer GPA is a 3.20 or above, and recently UCLA became more selective than UC Berkeley in their admittance.

While these numbers may be daunting to some, for the students who make up the Los Medanos College Honors Program, they are merely an obstacle waiting to be overcome, as LMC students prepare to head south to Los Angeles to attend the Transfer Alliance Program Transfer Conference at the UCLA College of Letters and Science on Nov. 9.

According to the Honors Program Co-Director Jeannine Stein, this is the best opportunity for students who are interested in transferring to UCLA, or any other UC, to see how student life is on the university level.

“A lot of the students who want to go are students who are already interested in UCLA,” said Stein. “This is their ticket to go. It’s a great opportunity for students to go and ask questions and find out information about the campus.”

The TAP Transfer Conference will allow students interested in applying to UCLA to see the campus hands on, providing workshops on how to write an application letter and apply for scholarships. Additionally, students will be provided information about programs, studies of interest and impacted majors.

The LMC Honors Program is proudly the only East Bay community college that is a member of UCLA TAP alliance, which gives students priority admission status into UCLA. Over the past 5 years, 90-85 percent of honors students who have applied to UCLA have been admitted, compared to only 47 percent of non-honors transfer applicants.

Applications for the TAP conference are due on Oct 26. Cost is $50, which covers airfare and ground transportation, the conference is open to all LMC students. Students are encouraged to contact either Jeannine Stein [email protected] or call the Honors Center at 439-2181 ext. 3172.