SJSU application workshop helps transfer students

The session delved into CSU applications and important deadlines.


Screenshot by Michael Benedian

SJSU workshop highlights CSU applications and steps to completing it.

Michael Benedian, Staff Writer

Stay on track of those deadlines, Mustangs! Nov. 30 is the deadline for San Jose State University’s fall of 2022 transfer applications. Los Medanos College held a virtual transfer workshop Oct. 26 to help students navigate the transfer process. There, San Jose State University admission counselor Cecilia Del Toro explained that a $70 fee per school is required when applying to any of the California State Universities, including San Jose State.

Students who have trouble remembering deadlines can visit the California State University website (located at to verify priority deadlines that apply to the campuses they are interested in. The Calstate website also includes a transfer section that provides a step by step guide on how to fill out the CSU application, along with a transfer checklist.

The checklist is very useful as it gives you an idea of what documents and what information you need to have to successfully fill out your application.

— Cecilia Del Toro

“The checklist is very useful as it gives you an idea of what documents and what information you need to have to successfully fill out your application,” said Del Toro. “It gives you information on what it is you’re going to need for the application.”

An account on the Calstate website is required to fill out the transfer application. Del Toro warns of using your community college’s email to create the account and recommends using an email you have access to.

“When we send you communication after you submitted your application, you never get it,” Del Toro said. “It goes to your spam [folder] or your community college email server blocks that email and it never gets to you.”

Once your account is created, the step-by-step guide on the website can help with filling out the four required sections of the application. 

The supporting information section of the application mainly consists of the Education Opportunity Program application not just for SJSU, but for other CSUs as well. Spartan East Side Promise Program Lead Amanda Fernandes recommends you apply if you fit the category but are not sure if you should.

“This is the one and only time that you can apply to EOP when you apply to admission for that university,” Fernandes said. “It is an amazing support service if you have the opportunity to do so.”

Changes can’t be made once the application is submitted, so make sure double check and take the time to review that the information is correct. Refunds will also not be issued to applications that are submitted.

Fernandes said it’s crucial to get it done early to avoid possible issues with the fee waiver or other application errors. Additional Cal State Apply Application Workshops will be held every Tuesday from 6–7 p.m., Thursday from 2–3 p.m., and Friday from 11 a.m. to noon through Nov. 23. You can register by visiting the San Jose State University’s event tab on their front page website.