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New cams for campus


Spencer Batute

Security camera outside of the LMC Police Services building.

Jordyn Toscano, @jordyntoscano

Campus security has been a widely emphasized topic at Los Medanos College, by both students and faculty, in recent months. Fear of violence and crime have become a common occurrence in individuals, due to larger issues at colleges nationwide.

In response to potential crimes or acts of violence in the Contra Costa Community College District, Police Services continue to install more security cameras on each of the college campuses.

The LMC Pittsburg campus currently has 25 functional security cameras throughout various buildings and parking lots. Security cameras were just recently installed in the Child Study Center to deter criminals from entering the area.

Police Services are also in the process of installing 10 new security cameras in the new Kinesiology and Athletic and Student Union Complex as well. Both of the new buildings had money for new security cameras built into their budget prior to construction, to ensure the utmost safety for students and faculty in these facilities.

“Every new building on campus has a much higher level of security. We have more security cameras, access control, lockdown abilities…” said Ed Carney, Chief of the District Police Services.

The security cameras are placed in high traffic areas, such as entrances and exits, and public areas. Police Services does not intend to install any security cameras in classrooms or personal offices to protect the privacy of those in the area.

“There has been some comments made from people at the district about another bond that could possibly go to security, cameras…” said President of LMC Bob Kratochvil. “But we are not interested in putting it [cameras] in areas that see staff or classes.”

The placement of new security cameras at LMC relies on bonds from the District. District Police Services have a three step plan to install the necessary cameras on each of the three district college campuses, and phase two in currently in the works.

Many students and faculty have requested the installation of security cameras in parkings lots A through C, as there are very few at this current point in time. As a result of this, Police Services developed phase two– a plan to install new cameras in each of the parking lots on campus.

“The parking lots are the next phase of the plan. We don’t have funding yet, but we are waiting for the District bonds and are hoping to start the project in the next year or two,” said Chief Carney.

Often times, departments who do not want to wait for District bonds to install security cameras, will fund the installation of those cameras themselves.

“Various departments have funded security cameras for themselves in the past,” said President Kratochvil. “We should have more, but it’s been a slow process in getting them.”

LMC’s sister college, Diablo Valley College, also has two new buildings under construction that will feature new security cameras when opened. After the construction of the two new building’s is complete, DVC will have approximately 35-40 security camera mounts throughout their campus.

Contra Costa College, the third college in the District, just recently opened a new science building. As a result, they now have approximately 35 security camera mounts throughout their campus.

The District also intends on installing an upwards of 15 new security cameras on the new LMC Brentwood campus when it opens in Spring 2020.

For more information regarding Los Medanos Security or Police Services, please contact (925) 473-7332.