Transfer Day hits campus

55 colleges participate


Hillary Hetrick

Student Emily Lynch (left) talks with Michelle Prior-Alameda, representative from FIDM.

Hillary Hetrick and Krys Shahin

As Los Medanos College students arrived on campus Tuesday, Oct. 22, they were met with an array of tables, colorful banners, brochures, and more. Transfer Day was about to begin. The event took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Indoor Quad.

Representatives from over 55 colleges were present at the event to answer any questions that students had about the transfer process.

These schools showed up to the event in hopes to recruit students for their college and make them aware of their presence in California.

Many students questions and concerns about transferring were answered by both representatives of colleges, as well as those who work in the LMC transfer center. Some students even signed up to receive more information about their schools of choice.

Each college representative talked about career opportunities offered to students who attended their school.

“Our students are working for NASA. Our students are working for banks or things like that, or a business,” said college representative from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Michelle Prior-Alameda.

These representatives helped express the idea that it is important to choose a career you’re passionate about and pursue it in college.

“It’s a little bit easier [to choose a career] in the sense that if it’s something you’re passionate about, then you’ll love it,” said Prior-Alameda. “But if it’s not something you’re passionate about, it’s likely you wouldn’t love it.”

Those who may have been confused or concerned about where to transfer to were able to talk in depth about majors, opportunities and the pros and cons of schools enough to help steer them in the direction of picking a school.

“I want to check this college [FIDM] out because I want to go to Los Angeles now,” said student Emily Lynch.

Schools from all over California showed up to the event, and a few from Arizona and Nevada were around as well. For students who wanted online only classes and certificates, Regional Recruiter Prab Gill was at Transfer Day representing Union Institute University.

“We’re strictly online for our undergraduate programs,” said Gill. “It’s for that specific student who wants to be a working adult and also still have the opportunity to go back to school and complete their education.”

Other than Transfer Day, Transfer and Career Services offers university tours, workshops, application assistance and transfer coaching and counseling. Students are encouraged to stop by the Student Services Center, SS-4 or call (925) 473-7444 for more information.