LMC welcomes new vice president

Dr. Tanisha Maxwell new Vice President of Student Services

Lilly Montero , @lilly_montero3

After an extensive hiring process, numerous interviews and an open forum Dr. Tanisha Maxwell of Estrella Mountain Community College has been chosen as Los Medanos College’s new Vice President of Student Services. Dr. Maxwell will begin her tenure June 24 following the district Governing Board’s official confirmation of her appointment.

“After a competitive nationwide search and thoughtful input from our campus community, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tanisha M.J. Maxwell as LMC’s new Vice President of Student Services,” said LMC President Bob Kratochvil in an email.

Dr. Maxwell was one of four final candidates which included Contra Costa College’s Dennis Franco, as well as Dr. Char Perlas from Cañada College and LMC’s current Dean of Student Success Dave Belman.

Dr. Maxwell has nearly 20 years of experience in the higher education system and currently serves Dean of Students at EMCC. During the forum, she pulled from her experiences at Estrella and in previous roles in counseling, participatory governance and even from her background in psychology.

When asked what she would do within the first 100 days of her tenure, Dr. Maxwell proposed a listening tour.

“That’s my first goal is to just go around and see what’s important to everyone. What are we working on? Where are our priorities? What are the challenges? How can I be an advocate,” said Dr. Maxwell. “So my goal is not to come in and completely change things, but really to add to what it is that’s already being done.”

She also had some ideas about how to keep a good flow of communication going between the governing bodies, something that’s important to current LMCAS President Priscilla Tatmon. At Estrella College they often host coffee talks, said Dr. Maxwell. She also suggested further engagement on social media to ensure consistent communication.

Among other things, she emphasized that equity is just important for faculty and staff members as it can be for students.

“I think that there also needs to be an employee experience with equity as well. Sometimes that’s not always talked about,” said Dr. Maxwell. “Not only do students need to have the experience of having equitable opportunities but our employees also need to feel that they have some equitable opportunities as well.”

LMCAS Senator Christian Ortiz is satisfied with the pick and is looking forward to Dr. Maxwell joining the LMC family.

“Dr. Maxwell was very much a person-oriented candidate. Her answers and interactions with the crowd in the open forum were very personal,” said Ortiz. “She will fit like a glove into the position from her previous positions in community colleges mixed with that personal touch she will bring.”

Students can look forward to meeting Dr. Maxwell in the fall semester.