Circle K recognized by representatives

Congressman and state assemblyman award club

BreAnna Crawford, @Lyniece_

LMC’s Circle K International Club has been doing all they can to help the community, while also pushing students to do more for themselves and their neighborhood. Reactivated in the fall of 2018, Circle K was recently recognized for their efforts.

On April 24 during their club meeting, their Kiwanis club advisors and sponsors Argentina Davila-Luevano and her husband Angel Luevano, came in to visit and surprised them with certificates for all the officers as well as two outstanding club members. One of the certificates was signed by California congressman Jerry McNerney, and the other was given to them by the California Legislators State Assembly and was signed by Jim Frazier. Angel Luevano was a crucial part of getting the club the recognition.

“He refers them and tells great stories about the work they do and what they do for the community and for themselves,” said club president Brianna Sanchez.

For club president Brianna Sanchez, the awards come as a big surprise as she and other members of her team did all they could to reinvigorate the club last semester.

“I took the initiative to get together a team who were all interested in re-activating the club in the middle of fall 2018 semester,” said Sanchez.

Eventually the hard work paid off and the club has seen major growth since its activation. The club now holds 50 members and has over 200 services hours for both fall and spring semesters, which has had a big impact on the community.

“[Circle K] has really been active in giving back to the community and volunteering to help all of those in need,” said Sanchez.

Circle K Club Officer Christian Ortiz has also been proud of the progress they have made with the club, and is excited to see more events organized.

This semester we’ve finished the process of rechartering and finished setting up officers so in the summer and fall we can really get to work with the main goal of the club — service,” said Ortiz.

With rechartering the club and recruiting officers, the club hopes to have even more growth.

“We plan on doing monthly, if not weekly service events from clean-ups to walks to fundraisers for charities and more. We also plan on doing more bonding events on and off campus,” said Ortiz.

The recent acknowledgement by such influential people has really encouraged the club.

“Even though we are young and still students in school, we still want to empower our community for the better and want to show leadership to help everyone around us,” said Sanchez.