Senators hit the campaign trail

LMCAS elections underway

Nick Campbell, @TheNCExperience

Starting next week between April 22 and April 24, students will choose new leadership for the Los Medanos College Associated Students. Up for grabs are the office of President, Vice President, Commissioner for Campus Events and Commissioner for Publicity and Outreach.

Elections for LMCAS occur every Spring semester with the terms beginning the following  semester. The prerequisites for being a candidate are a minimum GPA of 2.0 and enrollment in at least 5 units. One must also be an LMCAS senator to run for office of the President.

The role of student government is vital to the student experience on campus.

According to John Nguyen, Student Life Coordinator, many changes on campus come as a result of LMCAS advocacy. Nguyen cited the recent addition of a lactation unit on campus as an example of that groundwork.

“The role of student government is to be a voice for students on issues that matter to them,” says Nguyen.

Running unopposed for President is Thyra Cobbs, a Bay Area native and Brentwood resident. A psychology and English major, with a minor in African American studies, Cobbs was inspired to run for office by her mentor in student government, Jamila Stewart. Cobbs is a former Umoja ambassador for LMC and has worked as an EOPS mentor and library clerk. Recently she was one of 40 students to attend a student leadership conference in Riverside. She was also inspired by a recent women’s empowerment conference at UC Berkeley.

“While I was there, I had a chance to meet people with different perspectives. It gave me ideas I can use to empower our students here at LMC,” said Cobbs.

The primary function of the LMCAS President is to advocate for LMC students. Cobbs has plans to hit the ground running on student issues.

“I feel like we need to focus more on mental health and other resources for our students,” said Cobbs.

Christian Ortiz, is running for Vice President. The role of the Vice President is to provide support to the President and represent the student body at events and meetings. His goals and priorities, if elected, will be to inform the student electorate and keep them engaged.

“I want to take their voices to the next level,” said Ortiz.

His nomination to the role was by a fellow student senator, Jessica Wilson, due to his active participation in LMCAS.

“It was uplifting to see that I was nominated,” said Ortiz who is a first-time senator.

Shagoofa Khan, who is also running for Vice President, puts a high priority on advocating on behalf of LMC students. Some of her goals will be to decrease the cost of college for students and hold the school district accountable. She believes the power of change lies with the student body.

“Without the students of LMC, nothing can be changed,” said Khan.

Deborah Tatmon, a first year student, is running for Commissioner of Publicity and Outreach. The office advertises different events on campus via Insite, Instagram and other social media channels. Tatmon is also a part of the sustainability committee, which is formed to impact change on campus in terms of environmental and other quality of life issues. Tatmon is running against fellow senator Chisom Iwunze, who Tatmon acknowledges a good working relationship.

“It’s more than competing, but more like helping each other out,” said Tatmon.

For more information on the candidates and LMCAS, visit the Student Life building located across from the Child Study Center or online at To place your vote for your candidate of choice, click here.