Students becomes opportunist as LMC hosts “Opportunity fair”


Allen Tatomer of Blue Collar Boys discuses opportunities with a student

Raazhel Watkins, Staff Writer

Los Medanos College’s Transfer Career Services Team hosted the first Opportunity Fair of 2019 on Wednesday March 6 from 11am – 3pm. The event was meant to  give students a way to network themselves and learn more about the internship process and employment that supports their major and career goals.

Located in the Music Recital Hall, the Opportunity Fair was put together by the Transfer and Career Services Department and organized by Edward Beanes.

The fair was set up into three parts of employer table assignments, mixer tables, and a virtual area. Created tA space for students to interact with guests and professionals and gain information needed regarding internships, employment, and requirements relevant to their  majors and career paths major industry representatives talked the about experience and skills needed for employment opportunities.

Employer table assignments included the US Census Bureau, Nordstrom Internships, UC Davis Career and Transfer Representative, Colonial Life Insurance and many more. Mixer tables included meets with State of California Department of Corrections/Investigations Maurice Scott, Nathan Brooks, MD, MPH at the Pittsburg Health Center, and Karla Ballesteros, Nurse Practitioner at Bay Point Health Center along with others.

Lead organizer Edward Beanes of the Transfer and Career Services Department said, “The purpose of the event was to help students at LMC to engage with experiences that are relevant to their programs and majors. My emphasis is to make sure we transfer a student to a University and 4-year prepared with internship experience, prepared with a focus of their major and knowing what they want to take advantage of at the University so that they are not wasting their time.”

The Opportunity Fair was established to get students to believe in the opportunities they can take advantage of and make sure students connect to the industries.

“Our students need to be exposed to these opportunities as much as they can,” building a “foundation and exposing them to the greatest opportunities that exist in the community” that will give them the skills to become tomorrow’s workforce.

LMC student Marcus Oducado says, “Being a student who isn’t set on a career path, it’s great to see so many options in this convention, especially being that it is so diverse in fields and not only one industry. It really helped me to explore my horizons and get a good look on what I want to do with my career.”

Further explaining how he was pleased that the employment tables did not require many prerequisites to become an intern at the organizations and how the Opportunity Fair was a “great way to explore your options in career paths.”