Adds codes cause trouble

Add codes deemed problematic.

Kelly Williams, @lmckellyw

A new academic tool launched for instructors and students this semester. It fixed a long standing problem, but consequently created another. Teachers, students and staff have struggled adapting to the technology of the new add-code system.

It was supposed to be an easy way to get students access to a class without the availability of sharing it or being given out to someone else, but it hasn’t been successful thus far.

The old adage from Los Medanos College staff is “a black market of add codes” which allowed anyone to be added to a teacher’s roster even if the class was already full.

However with the change in algorithms this new system was hard to get off the ground. Students were unable to access the provided add code on the Insite portal.

On top of that LMC Staff had a hard time helping the unexpected amount of affected students.

As it stands, some students are still experiencing problems with an add code.

“We could never find the root of the problem but we had an accessibility to the site that students don’t have, so we would just add them,” says Lisa Avery of Admissions and Records. “The system is confusing and an on-going problem for most students.”

“I didn’t know how to do it, so my teacher just did it for me. Without it, I probably would’ve been confused,” says Julia Steele.

Most teachers have received training on how to work with the system so there isn’t as much confusion when it comes to them being able to work the system. Because of this though, teachers have found themselves burdened with student after student asking for help.

“I thought it was odd to me,” says Speech Instructor Marie Arcidiacono. “The system still showed a dropped student on my roster and the waitlist would never show up either.”

Other students haven’t had an issue with the system at all.

“I never had any problems with it,” said student Luis Martinez.

While the system worked for some like Martinez, others, including faculty and students alike have struggled. The program for now seems to have an issue with consistency.