The East Bay “rolls loud”

BreAnna Crawford , @lyniece_

“It was the most fun I have ever had, everyone was dancing and just having an overall good time with each other,” said LMC student Taylor Sims about her experience at Rolling Loud Bay Area this past weekend.

Rolling Loud is a hip-hop music festival that took place Sept. 14 and 15 at the Oakland Coliseum grounds with many different artists from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Walking into the festival, one could see a huge sign with text that said “Rolling Loud” surrounded by gold chains that already gave off the vibe of the festival. People all over the world from France to New York came down to the Bay Area to take part.

The festival started out with smaller rappers that weren’t as well known, and as the day went on the bigger performers like Kamiya and YG had the crowd going crazy as they sung word from word of every song they performed.

VIP tickets were a bit of controversy, as attendees paid over $300 believing they were going to be treated special, but the spots marked as VIP were actually not as good as general admission. The only benefit of getting the VIP pass was getting into the festival faster because the line to get through security was much shorter. The last two people to perform on both nights were Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott, who became big headlines with plenty of people waiting all day to watch them perform.

Out of the whole two days, the only performance to cancel was rapper Famous Dex, upsetting the people who ran to the stage to watch him perform. Since he canceled, the other performan

ces were pushed back five minutes, which wasn’t too bad as there were performances every 15 to 30 minutes.

Getting home from the festival was a pain for every person there to say the least. The festival had a space blocked out for Ubers if attendees had already scheduled one, but those trying to get one right after the end of the festival were stuck at the Coliseum for over two hours. There were so many people trying to schedule a ride at once that the Uber app crashed repeatedly.

“When me and my friend tried to get an Uber it continued to crash over and over again,” said Los Medanos College student Kiana Stewart. “We were stuck in Oakland until 2 a.m. and the festival ended at 10 p.m.”

BART was also so packed after the last show that some of the systems to get passes broke down, causing some to just hop over the gate to get onto the BART car.

Even with all of the problems that arose when trying to leave the Coliseum, overall the festival was amazing and the performers did a great job at entertaining the crowd.

The next Rolling Loud Festival is scheduled to run Dec. 13 and 14 in Los Angeles at the Banc of California Stadium Grounds. Tickets are being sold now, with two day general admission starting at $215. For more information on where to purchase merch or tickets, visit