Student runs in local election

Leticia Robles

Shagoofa Kahn is the youngest person to run for Antioch school board trustee. Growing up in Antioch, as an Afghan and Pakistani woman, Kahn faced a lot of challenges culturally. Based on her religion, she was taught that women take care of the household only. Women’s voices did not matter, in fact the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, was shot in the head for having too much power and speaking her mind. Even though Kahn grew up in Antioch, she watched Benazir go into power and fight for women’s rights, which inspired her.

“I want to be a cheerleader to the students,” said Kahn.

Kahn does not have any plans or promises in what to change if she wins this election.  With her running mate Eli Householder, the goal is to push students and parents involved in their children’s education, the school district, and community. Kahn wants to give every students the special attention they deserve, she also wants students to feel safe at school. With her election running November 6, winning or losing, Kahn hopes to spark a movement for students and have them run for office as well. “If i can do it, anyone can.”

“Im a test,” Kahn explains that she is a test to the school board members who are already there. If they really do accept the youth coming in and making changes, they’d allow us to seek board member positions, win elections fairly, and add our voices to the conversation. “Young people are the future, we all need to step up and be more involved in our school district, and community.” She expressed.

Graduating Dozier Libbey Medical high school, Kahn’s original plan was to become a doctor. Having a brother that passed away, made her think that the medical field was not for her. Instead Kahn wants to major in Political Science and eventually transfer from Los Medanos College to Berkeley and pursue to work on legislation. Her main goal is to fight for gender and racial equity while on her path to California legislator. Bernie Sanders is one person she aspires to be like.

Kahn faced obstacles running for the school board. Meeting the age requirement,which she barely met being 18, running for council requires a US born citizen and a lot of paperwork.

When in high school, Kahn was involved in a lot of programs such as LCAP, leadership, tobacco prevention, volunteering at kaiser and much more. Kahn has more than enough time to handle this pressure if she was to win. She heard about running for school board member in her Junior year of high school, when her running partner, Householder told her about open seats in the school board. Kahn is doing it for the students. She wants to make the students feel safe and do better in school. Also giving the special attention to those students who need it.

If elected, Shagoofa Khan will be the youngest Muslim American elected in office in the East Contra Costa County, such an honor to have her here at Los Medanos College.