3-on-3 gives opportunity for fun

LMC’s annual 3-On-3 Intramural basketball tournament started off on a high note Feb. 27 in the afternoon. Eight teams of three with creative names like Team Hollywood, Big Ballers and Nike Boys flocked to the basketball courts ready to have a good time.

Once everyone’s paperwork was in order and t-shirts were handed out, the group gathered around Student Life Director Teresea Archaga and M.E.N. Program Coordinator and Student Success & Retention Programs Coordinator, Marques McCoy for quick pep talk.

“Get to know each other. Sweat and have fun!” said McCoy.

And with that it was time to play ball.

Although Tuesday was the official start of the tournament, it was more of a day to relax and get in the swing of things. A total of 12 teams signed up, but only seven made an appearance, with and additional team of players who never filled out paperwork for an official team but wanted to play nonetheless.

All of this was a little chaotic for Archaga. It may be LMC’s fifth year putting on this event, but it was her first time being the organizer for it. However, with a bit of help from her “more athletic friends” she was doing fine she said.

McCoy, one of the Archaga’s “athletic friends”, was excited about the event on the whole.

For him this event is all about “getting the student population, faculty and staff communicating” as well as providing a “stress reliever outside of the classroom”. With Team McCoy playing on Court 2 and taking the opportunity to talk to students after the games finished, he seemed right in his element.

McCoy also noted that one of the benefits of this event was that it drew out athletes from all different sports. Pointing out football player, Antione Tanner, McCoy emphasized that this was really just an opportunity to play a game with your friends.

Another student athlete, Sierra Humphrey, who was a part of the eighth team to join said that she decided to join because she was bored even though her main sport is soccer. After joining the group of misfit players Humphrey jokingly said, “Being a girl playing with a guys can be difficult. I’ve got a big personality.”

The tournament will continue for the next three Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the LMC Gymnasium. In the first block, Big Brown Ballers won against Team MMM; Team McCoy won against Team James Flor Williams 21-13; Team ABB won against TEAM Galacio 21-15; and Team Nike Boys won 21-8. However, no teams will be eliminated until rounds begin next Tuesday. The final two teams left standing will battle it out for the championship on Tuesday, March 20.