Trump admin sparks scandal

Instructors give insight

The investigation into the Trump Administration’s possible connection to Russia made major progress with two members of Trump’s campaign being charged with a several crimes involving Russian connections.

Trump adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Russian involvement and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been charged with several crimes including failing to register as agents of foreign interest and fraud.

These revelations have shaken the Trump administration as more and more people close to The President have been connected to Russian interests.

Political science professor Milton Clarke commented on the severity of the indictments, “I don’t think that it’s horrible for the president,” said Clarke, “the question is, does it trace back to him?”

Political science professor Ryan Hiscocks had similar thoughts, “my reaction is how far does this thing go?”

Despite the fact that this progression in Mueller’s investigation does not spell immediate action against the president, Clarke did not rule it out, “This is major, it’s huge,” said Clarke emphasizing the possibility of future revelations leading to serious legal action against the president.

Clarke continued to say that while intelligence agencies have already confirmed Russian involvement in the election, this investigation could be instrumental in connecting Russian meddling.  “The intelligence agencies have said the whole time that there was meddling in the 2016 election,” said Clarke, “the Russians purchased advertising or set up bots to push fake news.”

The fake Russian accounts were used during the election to disseminate misinformation, deepening political rifts in the country around political issues like Black Lives Matter and immigration.

Hiscocks did say that meddling of this magnitude in the United States government is “unprecedented.”

He expressed the irony of a foreign entity tampering with an American election, citing events where the United States has meddled far more severely in the past “Guatamala, Chile, Iran, it’s a laundry list.”

Hiscocks also said that Trump’s financial entanglements with other countries are “much more than any previous president,” referencing how his Muslim ban did not target countries where he had business interests as well as how closely intertwined his finances and his policy have been.

Student Nyema Williams’ mind has changed following the indictments, “I thought that the Democrats were being babies,” said Williams, “but now that there is a federal indictment, I think there is something.”

Williams went on to say that such legal action is telling as federal prosecutors “do not like to lose,” and that following the revelations there is “defiantly something going on.”