Campus reacts to massacre


The Las Vegas terrorist attack has claimed the lives of 59 people, including the shooter, and injured over 400 making in the worst mass shooting in American history.

LMC President Bob Kratochvil, who lead a moment of silence at a College Assembly Monday, reacted to the attack.

“Its catastrophic, our hearts go out to the victims,” said Kratochvil, “its another senseless act of violence.”

LMC alumnus Tyler Mortimore was nearby and witnessed much of the chaos of the event.

“I was at the Luxor for a work conference,” said Mortimore, “a guy told me there was an active shooter situation outside.”

He was ushered into the casino’s basement, “I didn’t hear any of the shots or see any visibly wounded people,” said Mortimore, “but there were a lot of people that were either badly shaken and crying or were in shock.”

He was unaware of the severity of the shooting until much later. “We didn’t know how bad things were until the next morning,” said Mortimore, “my coworker said that there were hundreds of people shot, but we kind of laughed him off.”

Mortimore was deeply affected by the incident. “I’ve felt weird ever since,” he explained, “it’s kind of a given that you’re putting yourself at risk of being a victim of something like this when you go out in public, but to have been so close to something like this really drives the point home.”

The shooting has raised many questions about subjects ranging from gun control to public safety.

Officer Mike Hotton explained the district’s mindset and procedure about the possibility of a mass shooting, “Vegas is 500 miles away, but that is a topic of concern,” said Hotton.

Hotton went on to discuss the actions the campus police take in preparing for such an event, saying that the police department is consistently meeting about and planning for the possibility of an active shooter. 

“Our lieutenants are spearheading that,” said Hotton.

He also encouraged students to educate themselves about mass shooters and how to best deal with the possibility of being involved in a shooting, “we like to tell people if you want to be more prepared, jump on a website, do your research.” said Hotton.

Hotton directed students towards the Contra Costa County Community College District website’s section on police services as one possible resource.