Students shown options through tour

Los Medanos College got the opportunity to travel across the country to visit Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU).

Schools included in the tour were Bowie State University, Lincoln University, Morgan State, Hampton University, Norfolk University, North Carolina A&T and Howard University April 9 to April 15.

“I love Morgan State,” said LMC Student Gisela Solis. “This tour helped me determine whether or not I wanted to go there, and I will be applying there this coming fall. I truly felt as if I was at home.”

Students were informed about what the HBCUs offered, including tuition fees, campus tours and opportunities for internships.

In addition to the more academic aspect of education, the tour touched on campus life, including their homecoming that featured performances from rap stars Future, Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

Many students were mesmerized at the sight of these schools that took pride in African-American culture. Some knew once they stepped foot on campus that it would be their future home.

“I love North Carolina A&T,” said LMC Student Jessye Powell. “The reason is not only because of the atmosphere, but also because they have internships and there is a possibility of the CPA exam being paid for either by the school, scholarships or a company that you would intern for. It actually made me feel a little bit better about the college because the CPA is pretty costly.”

While the tour gave students a look at the universities, they were also given tours of other places, including museums like the National Museum of African American History & Culture and North Carolina Civil Rights Institute, and a tour Washington D.C. where students could see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

“Everything about the North Carolina Civil Rights Institute was so shocking,” said LMC Student Da’Mesha Grayson. “It just gave me the realization that I need to own my culture. For me, being in California, we don’t really own our culture, but out here you just feel so proud to be who you are with your ethnicity, so it impacted me so much I’m more in touch with my culture now than I ever was before.”

With this tour community, college students found they have many choices to choose from when it comes to transferring. From visiting states Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, students from California truly got to experience schools on the East Coast.

“I would absolutely recommend students attend this tour,” said LMC Director, Transfer & Career Services Kristin Conner. “It provides a wonderful overview of the East Coast and the variety of HBCUs that a student can attend.”