TEDx comes to community

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Through an extensive application process, Los Medanos College has finally been given the OK to host its first official TEDx event in this upcoming November. LMC is the first school in the Contra Costa Community College District to host a TEDx event.

Communications Instructor Marie Arcidiocono and Spanish Professor Laurie Huffman spearheaded the efforts to make this event possible, after previously hosting two similar events.

“This has been a labor of love for Professor Huffman and I, beginning with our Innovation Grant application, hosting our two ‘Evenings of Cultural Conversations,’ and now the TEDx event,” said Arcidiacono.

Though both professors invested time and effort into making it happen, Arcidiacono noted that only one person could be the point of contact. The title went to Huffman but the two worked together throughout the entirety of the process.

“We spent a large amount of time communicating with each other about how to best answer the questions they would ask us about the event to get everything approved,” said Arcidiacono.

The Innovation Proposal, submitted back in the spring 2015 semester outlined the expectations and goals of both Huffman and Arcidiacono. In the end, their dedication came with the desired results and Arcidiacono couldn’t be more excited.

“I absolutely cannot wait to be a part of this monumental event. I’ve loved working with Professor Huffman in this process and am excited for what the project holds,” she said.

The theme for the first round of speeches is “The Future of Everything.” The idea was conceived with the interest of the community in mind according to Arcidiocono.

“Each TEDx event will have their own unique theme, they do not have to be related to other TEDx events,” she said.

Before the event takes place however, there are things that must still be worked out. Submissions must be reviewed and the speakers must be chosen.

“Marie and I will begin inviting our campus and feeder community to submit drafts of talks this spring,” said Huffman.  “We will also assemble a diverse panel to decide upon the final six to seven speakers for the event.”

Students, faculty and staff – as well as any surrounding community member — are welcome to submit applications to speak. There will be a screening process involving a rubric to make the selection process go smoother. Anyone interested in speaking at this event will be able to apply via online portal, which is currently under construction.

In addition to figuring out the speakers, LMC is only licensed for 100 people to attend the event. According to Huffman, they plan on working out how to adhere to this condition.

The first TEDxLosMedanos event will be held Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Arcidiacono says, “This event will be one for the record books.”