Wal-Mart gives grant

Carlos Ruiz, [email protected]

Science Lab Coordinator Paul West’s wish of new chemistry burette clamps was granted after receiving a $1,000 donation from the Walmart Community Grant Program, a first time donor to Los Medanos College.

After a shortage of clamps last semester due to unforeseen wear and tear, West wanted to replace the clamps, but the department didn’t have available money in that budget cycle.  He then decided to submit an online community grant application to Wal-Mart last December.

“Most public and some private corporations can grant funds in local communities to those who apply and are in need of something for public purposes,” West said.

Because many of the companies people shop at have that type of program, he decided to check out the Walmart website. “It was an easy choice,” he said. “It’s local and I shop there.”

But it wasn’t easy to find that information. West explained that before applying for a community grant, there is a process you need to go through.

“You always have to check the budget first and if there isn’t any room… you identify the potential donor and contact the LMC Foundation and coordinate with them,” he specified.

After West contacted the foundation, the process of trying to get the new supplies continued.

“The grant application gets reviewed by the foundation and it is sent to the main district office in Martinez,” said LMC Foundation Development Officer Dr. Trinh Nguyen.

The LMC Foundation has supported student success through fundraising since its inception in 1997. “The foundation exists to help the college to fund various things,” said Nguyen. “West’s need for new clamps is an example of how the foundation works.”

According to Pittsburg Walmart Community Grant’s personnel coordinator Lonnie


Barrett, Walmart’s grants team reaches out to grant funds for local communities.


“It is for the sake of student education. With better education, students can receive better opportunities,” said Barrett.

“At Walmart, we strongly believe in giving back and are proud to support organizations that improve communities where our customers and associates live and work,” the Walmart Community Grants Team added.

The grant request of $1,000 was accepted Dec. 27 and will increase the number of functioning clamps from 15 to 60.

To thank Walmart for its help, West said an acknowledgement plaque will be placed outside the chemistry stockroom and a letter of appreciation will be sent to the Walmart Community Grant Program.

“The LMC foundation hopes that we continue getting funding from [Walmart] and similar corporations because with the help of nonprofit donations we can fulfill the future needs of the students and the school,” said Nguyen.