LMC veterans elect officers

After becoming an official campus organization last year, Los Medanos College’s Veterans Club held their first officer elections Tuesday, Oct. 18.
Before they got around to picking new officers however, Army vet JR Wilson of Antioch’s Delta Veterans Group spoke about the upcoming “A Salute to Veterans” event happening at the El Campanil Theater Nov. 11. LMC Veterans are getting their own float and participants can either walk or ride along in the truck. This event is being held to raise money for a standout, an event in which vets in need can access food, water, clothes and animal care for their pets. The standout would be next summer from Aug. 14 to Aug. 21. After Wilson spoke, he left and the election began.
Acting Vice President and Secretary Alexandria Paine and Acting Treasurer Matt Farmer led the meeting. Farmer said a few words before going around the room and asking who wanted to run. The first problem arose when no one stood to run for club president — that is until Troy White stepped up. Even though he said he “only came for the iPad giveaway,” he also said it would be sad if no one stepped up to lead the club.
“I’ll do it until someone more motivated wants to step up,” said White.
Three members of the club, nominated Farmer for the treasurer position, after which, he was officially appointed.
Lamontay Marshall volunteered for the position of Vice President. When spurred to “say a few words,” he stood up briefly, took a deep breath and said “thank you,” and quickly sat back down, garnering laughs from the other attendees.
Alexandria Paine said she’d accept the position as secretary officially but only if members “don’t mind having a newborn at the meetings.” It was then that Antonio White volunteered for the ICC Representative position.
Earlier in the meeting, Wilson said “when I heard LMC was having a veterans club a few years ago, I was very excited for that.” White expressed that he thought it’d be a shame to see the club fall apart because it means a lot to LMC’s student veterans.
Some students expressed an interest in the officer positions, but were worried that it’d be hard to balance those responsibilities and their schoolwork. Paine said it was important but that it isn’t that big of a responsibility. LMC Veterans Club Adviser and DVG Board Member Diane Ferguson said, “It’s what you make it,” explaining that it’s only a lot of work if you want it to be.
At the end of the day, Ferguson said, “We want our club to be seen.” The meeting was concluded and attendees were encouraged to enjoy the refreshments provided.
All tickets for the “A Salute to Veterans” event are $5 and can be purchased online in advance. For more information, go to www.elcampaniltheatre.com/a-salute-to-veterans.html.