Thief hits LMC classes

Adria Watson, [email protected]

Four Los Medanos College attendees were victims of theft while in class Tuesday, Sept. 27 around 8 p.m.
Officer Jose Oliveira was notified of the incident when one of the instructors waved him down to let him know that students had their property stolen or tampered with during instruction. Olivera said the theft occurred in the Ceramics Department and Little Theater –– two of the victims in ceramics had a purse and calculator stolen, while the other victims had their bags rummaged through.
“No one here actually witnessed anyone that was suspicious or out of the ordinary,” he said, adding this incident could possibly be connected to another from last Wednesday, Sept. 21, in VOTECH where a student also had their bag stolen. A custodian later found the bag in a trashcan, missing a few dollars.
Oliveira said because VOTECH has cameras in the building, they were able to review footage and find a person that seemed out of place. He explained they spotted a person who more than likely wasn’t a custodian posing as one and that’s who they are interested in at the moment.
“We’re aware now that we have to do two additional patrols of the buildings,” said Oliveira. “We are actively investigating to determine who the person in the video is.”
He added that the release of the photo is pending until further notice.
Part-time ceramics instructor Ian Bassett said his students were working on their personal projects when the three victims realized their things were missing, running outside to see that the woodshop door was wide open.
“It was pretty crazy that someone actually had emptied one of the backpacks in the back patio while people were in the rooms,” said Bassett adding that the instructional aide who got her purse stolen had her medication in it and that they will be locking every door from now on.
“There’s a really good sense of community and belonging here. For the most part, everyone feels safe and comfortable here so this is really unfortunate,” said Bassett. “I hope they catch the son-of-a-bitch.”
Drama Department part-timer Jack Nicolaus said rehearsal was going on when Bassett came in to inform those in the theater that some of the students in the ceramics department got their things stolen.
“We try to keep the doors closed as it is,” said Nicolaus. “I think we have to double our efforts to make sure everyone is watching out for each other.”
LMC Lieutenant Chad Wehrmeister said police services are still investigating and more information would be given later.