LMC accreditation reaffirmed

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges reaffirmed Los Medanos College’s accreditation status based on the evidence submitted in Nov. 2015. ACCJC gave LMC three recommendations including references to the Brentwood Center and others that focused on improving the effectiveness of the resource allocation process. All recommendations are now rectified.

“This successful outcome was achieved thanks to much effort by many individuals, broad engagement and input, constituency groups working collaboratively, and a collective focus on institutional improvements to better serve our students,” said LMC president Bob Kratochvil in an email.

The changes made and problems resolved came in part to the members of the recommendation response teams, the accreditation steering committee, the leadership and members of our academic, classified and student senates, LMC’s marketing and media design team and everyone who took part in the meetings and arrangements for the follow up visit from ACCJC. LMC Vice President Kevin Horan has taken on the role of Interim ALO throughout completion of the follow up report and visiting process.

“All institutions of higher education wishing to remain eligible for federal funding are required by the US Department of Education to participate in an approved accreditation process.  It is also a quality assurance control process to ensure students know they are receiving a quality education that has been reviewed by an outside agency,” said Horan in an email about the accreditation process.

LMC is currently accredited on a six-year cycle and will submit a midterm report to the ACCJC in the fall of 2017. The ACCJC will return to LMC in 2020.

“The whole accreditation effort is a process of continuous improvement, and LMC has a proven track record of achievement.  I know that our entire community is proud of the work we do,” said Kratochvil in an email.