Government gets a makeover

Associated Students under new leadership

In last semester’s elections, the Los Medanos College Associated Students were given new positions and earlier this semester. Three new senators were accepted.

Darren Meeks was voted as president of LMCAS earlier this year. He was surprised he got the job.

“I feel [kind of] shocked. I never thought I’d be president of something growing up,” said Meeks. “It’s a great feeling.”

Senator Sable Horton, formerly the commissioner of campus events is the newly appointed vice president of LMCAS. She said she knew she “wasn’t ready to be president just yet” but that she’s happy “with everything the president has done.” Though she wasn’t ready to be president of LMCAS, she wanted to be an important part of the board.

“I’m happy to help lead the meetings,” said Horton. She says her new position will help her get to know her constituents.

Contra Costa Community College District Student Trustee Gary Walker-Roberts, formerly Student Body President, is now Parliamentarian for LMCAS and is settling into his job.

“I love my new position and am grooving the saddle at this point. We are four months into my term and already about to be at the half way marker. Time flies, especially when you’re busy,” said Walker-Roberts.

Senator Yetunde Ogunleye was given the role of Publicity and Outreach Officer. Though her goal was always to help student government, she thinks this new position will give LMC students more insight into what LMCAS is about.

“A lot of people don’t know that we have student government on campus,” she said. “They don’t know they can come to us for funding,” said Ogunleye.

The three new senators accepted include Makayla Scott-Jefferson, Richard Stanfield and Joseph Cariaso.

At the Aug. 31 meeting, Stanfield stressed the importance of LMCAS having a presence on campus and although he has other responsibilities; he’s making being a senator a priority. Cariaso said he wanted to focus on groups on campus that were perhaps more marginalized than others.

Walker-Roberts says his goal is to “provide a solid student voice” this semester. “Representing the students in our district is a job I don’t take lightly. The district students have entrusted me to represent them,” he said. He also wants there to be working relationship between the AS presidents of each college in the district.

“I strive to keep them aware of the agenda items being discussed on a monthly basis and solicit their input on topics, as they represent their student bodies on a local level,” said Walker-Roberts.

Ogunleye wants to make sure students see LMCAS represented in the right way. She wants there to be an image of LMCAS that “reflects what we actually do.”

“I’m way more invested in it. Now I’m more into organization and order,” said Ogunleye. She then explained having more responsibility might mean “having to be strict even when you don’t want to.”

Meeks says he is “excited” to see what the semester brings.

Sen. Rose Johnson, Sen. Stanfield, Sen. Cariaso, Sen. Scott-Jefferson, Commissioner of Campus Events Diona Shelbourne and Treasurer Teniesha Little couldn’t be reached for comment.