Drama wows at fest

Students awarded scholarships

The excitement erupted at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival at Central Washington University this past weekend as several Los Medanos College students were awarded scholarships.

All of the 31 students’ from Los Medanos College who attended were not only grateful, but thrilled to represent LMC at such a collective event.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the theater crowd, there were various workshops, dances and meet and greets to attend. Not only is this event resourceful and educational, it’s a fun experience for LMC’s drama students.

KCACTF also has many educational benefits. Various universities attended, where they were offering scholarships and award programs. Scholarships up to $9,500 were being offered.

These workshops help students not only prepare for future endeavors, but also gives them new experiences, teaches them new skills and gives them the ability to advance in the theater industry.

The theater students from LMC present their work to be viewed and possibly awarded. Individuals can be offered numerous opportunities, such as money toward tuition at a university or awards in such things as directing and playwriting.

Film festivals, such as the one at the Kennedy Center in Washington give students the opportunity to advance in their desired field. Whether it be acting, filmmaking, theater journalism or even play writing; drama students nationwide can benefit from what the Kennedy festival has to offer.

“You need to remember that you represent LMC,” student Kristina Cruz said.

Although the experience is an enjoyable one, you represent not only your school, but the drama department as well. Many professionals attend this festival to help the students achieve the professionalism needed to succeed in theater.

“The festival is a great experience, but you have to be willing to work hard and have fun,” LMC Student Dee White said.

Since the festival is a showcase for students to show off their numerous skills, LMC students are given the chance to present their skills in front of various schools as well as theater companies.

“I was offered $9,500 from Notre Dame as a scholarship if I chose to attend their school,” Cruz said.

In order to be given opportunities such as scholarships, it takes time and dedications. Often the work involved at the festival involves getting no sleep and dedicating a lot of time to workshops and activities.

During the months of January and February, students work and skills are showcased for numerous award programs. KCATCF has given over 400,000 college theater students the chance to have their work considered for awards and scholarships.

The students offered are given the chance to think about their decision. Amongst the 31 in attendance from LMC, many won awards for their hard work.

“The festival has audition style performance in acting, and musicals (musical theater), critics/dramaturgy, design tech and management, directing and playwriting,” said Instructional Assistant Eric Sanchez.

The drama department students attended many workshops, including workshops hosted by the Comedian Dell’Arte school. Workshops such as these can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

There is no additional cost for these workshops, since the students paid their registration. “This year, student Zinah Abraha took first place for LMC! She walked away with a $250 dollar cash prize and later a $2000 scholarship to attend CWU,” said Sanchez.

LMC students Ashley Curry and Marcus Lance also received a $2000 scholarship to attend Central Washington University. The group of 31 students that attended were well received and they are working on transfer opportunities with the CWU as well as the University of Idaho.

The festival overall helps students hopefully lead to transferring to a four-year university. Also to help students achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Arts. Not only that, but the festival helps students in attaining jobs as well as internships.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival helps turn LMC’s students dreams into reality.