Students inspire design

Union building begins to take shape


Joseph Delano • tBP/Architecture

The preliminary design as of 2010. Only the locations are confirmed.

Student government met with architects Sept. 22 to discuss amenities that could be offered in the new Student Union building.
The building, which will be constructed in conjunction with the new PE Complex, is planned for a January 2016 groundbreaking. The project will take anywhere from 16 to 24 months, according to Horan.
Los Medanos College Associated Students and Inter-Club Council were presented a slide show from LPA Inc., a San Jose based design firm, on the preliminary design aspects of the new building. With the phrase “DREAM BIG” as a mantra, the senators and club members were asked for suggestions for what they feel students would be looking for in the new building.
Each senator had their own idea of what was needed in hopes of making life more comfortable for students, especially those who spend a lot of time on campus. Commissioner of Campus Events Diona Shelbourne, suggested a quiet room with a cot for those who are on campus all day and may need to close their eyes for a minute or so.
“The Student Union Project will become a major hub for students to spend time on-campus and interact with their peers.” LMC Vice President Kevin Horan said, ”We hope to make it as engaging a facility as possible for students.”
LPA Inc. hoped for a more holistic approach in their integrated design, as more outside seating could be provided as well as more quiet rooms to study in.
One thing hoped for is a food court with healthy choices, franchise names and a good size kitchen with microwaves for students to use.
LMCAS President Gary Walker pointed out, “We are just now in the vetting process with the design company. So how many rooms and offices have not been discussed in detail yet.”
A student government section that has an official meeting room like the City Council room in Pittsburg and one room with a rising stage for conferences to be held in one building is also hoped for, according to Walker.
One approval that has already been made is gender-neutral bathrooms in the new building as well as two in the science building.
One thing that is certain the designers will incorporate student suggestions as well as their own ideas in the hopes of providing LMC with a building that brings out the community feel and heart of the campus.