Enrollment is up

Numbers exceed expectations

The total number of Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) for the Fall Semester at Los Medanos College has exceeded the projected number of 3,613.

The Fall Semester schedule was specifically developed to serve that number, which represented about a five percent growth.

As of Sept. 8, the census revealed 3,687 FTES are currently enrolled. However, this only represented approximately 8,961 headcount, including part-time students. Also bear in mind that from that date and throughout the semester, the number may change due to late start classes or those that drop their classes within the drop date.

Vice President Kevin Horan believes a combination of factors has contributed to this increased enrollment.

“We have worked to offer a schedule that meets the current demand,” said VP Horan. “Many faculty have also taken extra students into their classes.”

Not only will this benefit more students in receiving a higher education, but will also benefits LMC financially. LMC is funded by the state and receives approximately 4,600 dollars per FTES.

Robin Armour, Director of Admissions and Records, explains a misconception that tuition is enough to fund LMC. Tuition pays only a small percentage, but most of the money goes to the state. If there are a higher number of FTES, then LMC receives more funding from the state. Also, an instructor adding students to their courses increases productivity and keeps costs low instead of having to hire more instructors.

“I’m very appreciative of the extra efforts that faculty and staff have made towards helping students get into the classes they need,” said VP Horan.

The goal for 2014-15 is to gain 7,851 FTES, including non-resident FTES.

“If we experience enrollment in the spring similar to the current term, we will be in a position to earn additional revenue beyond our adopted budget,” sad VP Horan.