LMC hires new staff

Numbers up from past years

Los Medanos College has finally been able to bring aboard almost thirty new faculty and staff members following years of budget cuts and the recession.
In total, 28 employees have been added to LMC’s payroll. Some will work in departments like counseling and grounds; others join LMC as Assistant Professors. “While we have outstanding faculty at our campus both full-time and part-time, hiring full-time faculty is recognized in data as an important component of student-faculty engagement leading to student success.” said Los Medanos College President Bob Kratochvil, regarding the new hires.
Among the faculty joining the LMC campus are 13 new or returning staff members that will be teaching courses from English to Mathematics; providing counseling in the athletics department to transfer section, as well as coordinating positions.
New hires for the position of Assistant Professor are as follows: the English department added Jill Buettner-Ouellette and James Noel; the math department gained Rick Estrada, Maria Perrone and Lindsay Wylie; the nursing department added Sharon Goldfarb and Barbara Snyder; the Fire Technology and EMS divisions added German Sierra; the chemistry department gained Melinda Capes; the Biological Sciences department added Briana McCarthy.
Michelle Mack and David Reyes will serve as Counselors in the Athletics and Transfer departments respectively, and Courtney Diputado joins as Technology Training & Development Coordinator.
These 13 new faculty members are not, however, the only new additions as LMC has also gained staff that will be beneficial to the success of the students. LMC has also hired ground workers to help beautify our campus. Programs such as EOPS, Financial Aid and Shipping and Receiving have also gained new staff members to their team.
“We are very proud of our new faculty and classified hires and believe each of them will make important contributions to teaching and learning and student development,” President Kratochvil expressed.