New classes offered

Schedule released

The class schedule for the 2014 Spring Semester at Los Medanos College has been released, as LMC students are encouraged to take advantage of the schedule and begin planning their classes and educational goals for next semester.

Spring 2014 registration for continuing students begins on Monday Dec. 2 by appointment only on WebAdvisor. Returning students are eligible to register beginning Saturday Dec. 14. Following a winter recess from Dec. 21 to Jan. 2, new non-matriculating students (students who have not completed the orientation) are eligible to register on Friday Jan. 3, while registration for all regular college students begins on that following Monday Jan. 6. Students concurrently enrolled in high school or any other special admit students may register via walk-in on Tuesday Jan. 7. Classes for Spring 2014 will begin on Monday Jan. 13, 2014.

Additionally, in what can be considered good news for students and staff, there are no plans to cancel or scrap any of the classes currently offered at LMC. A year ago, Math 27 (“Path to Stats”) was closed for Spring 2013, in what was considered a wildly unpopular move. In contrast for spring 2014 however, there will be several new courses offered that have not been previously offered in the past. LMC Vice President Kevin Horan attributes this to the passing of Proposition 30, the Schools and Safety Protection Act, last fall. Proposition 30 was a temporary six-year measure passed in November 2012 to help fund education and helped to soften the blow many institutions who have incurred numerous setbacks in the wake of recent difficult economic times.

“The approval of Prop 30 provided funding that has enabled the College to stabilize its schedule of courses and increase the number of classes available to students,” said LMC Vice President Kevin Horan. “Additionally, many of these new courses have been created to meet student needs and the needs of newly created Transfer Degrees and Certificate Programs.”

The new classes offered include three new art courses; Figure Drawing (Art 30), Concepts of Sculpture (Art 60), and Documentary Photography (Art 75), two new journalism courses; Media Production Practicum II (Journalism 131), and Photojournalism (Journalism 160), along with a new Math (Discrete Math, Math 160) and English course (Accelerated Reading/Writing/Critical Thinking, English 926). A new child development course (Science and Math for Young Child, Child Development 35) and a new appliance class (Electrical Appliance Lab Tech I, Appliance 21) are also being offered. In addition, Intermediate French I (French 62), despite it briefly appearing on the schedule in 2010, will now officially be offered for the first time this spring.

More information, including further registration and application information, can be found at the LMC website at The schedule for Spring 2014 can also be found at